A clientside mod that provides features, bugfixes, and optimizations for Jedi Academy Multiplayer.

Feature showcase

CTF enhancements

Customizable colors for allied/enemy force powers.

2D simple flags that can't get invisibly stuck in corners.

Auto-generated locations on team overlay.

Siege enhancements

Accurate spawn timer synced from the server.

CTF-style carrier display for siege items.

Notifications for teammates' class changes.


Team overlay enhancements

A new alternate team overlay style.

Optionally reduce screen clutter by excluding yourself from the team overlay.

Clientside player renaming

No more keeping track of aliases — assign custom names to players that persist across executions.

Force red/blue player names to easily keep track of deaths in team gametypes.

Chat translation

Set a player's language, then automatically translate their chat into your own native/preferred language.

Their original messages are still shown in the console.

Automatic demo recording

Record all your matches and automatically name them with a custom formula.

Save demos automatically, discard demos under a minimum length, or just save them manually.

Automatic HTTP(S) downloading

No more missing maps. No more managing PK3 files.

Automatically download missing maps over a fast HTTP(S) connection on compatible servers.


Automatic CFG execution

Automatically execute CFGs for different gametypes, maps, teams, weapons, siege classes, and siege objectives.

Quickly change your setup without pressing a key.

Easy to use

Newmod works great "out of the box" with no customization or setup needed.

All Newmod features are easily accessible via the in-game Newmod menu.


…and much more

Tons of bugfixes, automatic remembering of server passwords, working Alt + Tab, HD fonts, custom voice chats, countdown timers, speedrun stopwatch, and much more.


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