Newmod is a clientside code and assets mod for Jedi Academy multiplayer. Newmod updates JKA with many important bugfixes, improvements, and features. Although Newmod can be used in any gametype, it is primarily intended for use in CTF and Siege, and contains many extra features for these two gametypes.

Newmod is compatible with base and all base-like server mods. It is not compatible with other major clientside mods or utilities, including Movie Battles, Smod, kill trackers, Ultra Utility, etc. Some Newmod features require server mod support to work fully; current server mods that include such support are base_enhanced (the official CTF community server mod) and base_entranced (the official Siege community server mod).

It is strongly recommended to install Newmod in your /base/ folder. Newmod works best on servers that use the base fs_game setting. You can also force fs_game to the base setting clientside by using NewJK's Force Game cvar (fs_forceGame).

Newmod replaces some base assets. Most such replacements are generally done with the intent of simply improving the user experience (e.g. adding extra functionality to menus). Compatibility with other assets mods may be determined by comparing which files are changed by each mod.

We strongly recommend only using NewJK (preferred) or the vanilla executable in conjunction with Newmod.

Newmod was created by Alpha and Duo. Special thanks are due to the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Black, dem0n, etc, FM, Grab, Hannah, LG, Seaal, Seeker, Staso, Tayst, and Xen for beta testing and feedback
  • Bucky, for coding help
  • Dan/Septimo, for his crosshair mod
  • Eezstreet, for his Fixed VChat mod
  • Ent, for coding help
  • Grab, for his various graphical mods
  • JACoders, Ensiform, Razor, Xycaleth, and all OpenJK and Modbase contributors
  • J3rk, for his Siege class icons mod
  • Radiuks, for colored Jawa skins
  • Sil, for Smod
  • Sintra, for his scope mod
  • Teh, for coding help
  • Tritoch, for his scope mod
  • Everyone else who has given suggestions, feedback, and help