Automatic Demo Recording (cg_demoAutoRecord)

Setting: 0Description: Disable.Tags:
Setting: 1Description: Automatically record demos (gameplay videos) while playing.Tags:

Automatic Demo Saving (cg_demoAutoSave)

Setting: 0Description: Disable (only save demos if saveDemo command is used; otherwise, they will be discarded).Tags:
Setting: 1Description: Automatically save demos at end of match.
Setting: <length>Description: Only save demos if at least <length> seconds long.

Demo Filename Format (cg_demoFormat)

Setting: %sDescription: Current server name. Example: Whoracle Pug
Setting: %nDescription: Current map name. Example: ctf_kejim
Setting: %NDescription: Truncated version of current map name. Example: kejim
Setting: %PDescription: Your name. Example: Padawan
Setting: %qDescription: Current Siege round number. Example: 2
Setting: %QDescription: Number of players on each team. Example: 4v4
Setting: %ADescription: Long day of week. Example: Sunday
Setting: %aDescription: Short day of week. Example: Sun
Setting: %uDescription: Numeric day from 1 to 7, starting on Monday. Example: 1
Setting: %wDescription: Numeric day from 0 to 6, starting on Sunday. Example: 0
Setting: %BDescription: Long month. Example: February
Setting: %bDescription: Short month. Example: Feb
Setting: %mDescription: Two-digit month. Example: 02
Setting: %YDescription: Four-digit year. Example: 2018
Setting: %yDescription: Two-digit year. Example: 17
Setting: %dDescription: Two-digit day of month. Example: 01
Setting: %HDescription: Two-digit hour in 24-hour format. Example: 23
Setting: %IDescription: Two-digit hour in 12-hour format. Example: 11
Setting: %MDescription: Two-digit minutes. Example: 59
Setting: %SDescription: Two-digit seconds. Example: 59
Setting: %pDescription: AM/PM text. Example: PM
Setting: %ZDescription: Time zone. Example: GMT
Setting: %DDescription: Simple timestamp. Example: 2018-12-31​_23-59-59
Setting: %Y-%m-%d %N %QDescription: Default setting. Example: 2018-12-31 kejim 4v4
Setting: %Y-%m-%d​/%N %QDescription: Example showing the use of a slash to create separate folders for each date.Tags: Example: 2018-12-31​/kejim 4v4

Save Demo (saveDemo)

This command flags the currently-autorecording demo to be saved after the match. If pressed in the middle of a match, it also notes the current game time so that you can keep track of your nice frags. For example, if you press saveDemo after getting a dank stun baton air at 13:37 and your cg_demoFormat is %N, the demo filename will be kejim 1337 Later, if you get another dank frag at 16:30 and press saveDemo again, the demo filename will be kejim 1337,1630.

You can optionally manually override the filename with a custom name, e.g. saveDemo dank stun baton air.

Save Last Demo (saveLastDemo)

If you forgot to save the demo from the last match, use this command to make sure it gets saved.

Most users will probably never need this.