Absorb Shader (cg_absorbShader)

Electrocution Shader (cg_electrocutionShader)

Protect Shader (cg_protectShader)

Rage Shader (cg_rageShader)

Sense Shader (cg_senseShader)

Setting: <shader>​,<color>Description:

Specifies the visual effects to render on players for absorb / electrocution / protect / rage / sense.

Entering a single shader/color combination by itself means that this shader and color is used for all players. For <color>, use any color name or hex code, e.g. purple or #ff00ff.

For <shader>, use one of the following:

Setting: aDescription: Absorb
Setting: dDescription: Drain
Setting: eDescription: Electrocution (rage/lightning/demp)
Setting: pDescription: Protect
Setting: sDescription: Sense
Setting: ally=​<shader>​,<color>Description: Use this shader and color for allies.Tags:
Setting: enemy=​<shader>​,<color>Description: Use this shader and color for enemies.Tags:
Setting: a​,blueDescription: Default setting for cg_absorbShader.Tags:
Setting: e​,whiteDescription: Default setting for cg_electrocutionShader.Tags:
Setting: p​,limeDescription: Default setting for cg_protectShader.Tags:
Setting: e​,redDescription: Default setting for cg_rageShader.Tags:
Setting: pDescription: Default setting for cg_senseShader. Note that you cannot specify a custom color for sense; only a shader.Tags:
Setting: ally=​a​,blue enemy=​p​,redDescription: Example showing use of different settings for allies and enemies (blue absorb effect for allies; red protect effect for enemies) for any given shader cvar.Tags: